Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Rubbish The Bane Of My Life

I have taken on many challenges in my life but keeping our beaches clean and tidy is proving to be my greatest challenge to date .
I have lived in beautiful Pembrey for nearly 5 years but it was just over a year ago i got actively involved with helping  to keep Pembrey Country Park rubbish free .
Not an easy task but a very worthwhile one .
It all started when on my walks   to Cefn Sidan beach i would walk along the trail path through Ashburnham golf course and at the very end i walked past a tall pile  of dog poo bags left by people who would park their cars in a small lay by there then just before getting back into their cars to go home they would quite simply   chuck their poo bags away   . I decided to contact Pembrey country Park rangers and ask them to help remove them for me and in all fairness to them they did the job brilliantly with me on facebook messaging them and giving them directions after they thought i meant the golf course in the park .
I have a clear route to Cefn Sidan beach which takes me along the sand dunes and past 2 infamous car parks where in the  summer months these car parks become a nightmare "hot spot"  for people to dump fast food wrappers and food containers ,drink bottles ,drink cans ,condoms  ,nappies ,sanitary wear and other nasty horrible filthy bits of rubbish ,all scattered where people on holiday are bringing children and have to pass it to get onto the beach and then going onto  Facebook to give their opinions  .
At first i would complain and moan to the rangers and message them on Facebook where i could see other people holidaymakers and locals moaning and groaning about the Park being untidy due to litter ,this made me feel so angry that people were being so negative about  our beautiful beach and country park so i would then  take it out on the rangers and tell them off for letting the park go downhill .
But we then reached a turning point and  i started to think ,why am i shouting at them they haven`t made the mess and they have many other duties to  see to   within the park which remember is acres of land that needs maintaining on a daily basis let alone all the events that need organising throughout the year .
The beach itself is approximately 8 miles long wrapping itself along the miles of coastal path which also needs to be kept tidy and maintained
They are not there to pick up disgusting mess around the park none of us should be doing it ,me included !!!!
It was then i started to work with the park rangers to get on top of the situation and we now all work together brilliantly  .
I will contact them and take photos of any rubbish that i see if it is too much for me to take to the red bins .
In the summer i also spread the word to people watching me in the car park and raised awareness of where to take rubbish if anyone collects it off the beach .
What happens people collect rubbish off the beach then dump it in another place ,although they mean well this  doesn`t solve the problem .It has to be taken to the red bins dotted around the park and on the coastal path or take photos and contact the rangers via their facebook page they will gladly pick it .
One day i saw a middle aged man bringing a huge dirty dinghy full of sand off the beach he watched being  dumped by some boys because it had a puncture ,he was about to leave it in the car park but after i spoke to him he put it in the boot of his car ,don`t think his wife was too pleased :) and then he did what i said and took it to a red bin and left it there where the rangers could see  it and picked it up . I have done this many times with other people bringing rubbish off the beach in sacks etc I do wish people would contact the rangers  they are there to help and will gladly do so ,if it is left without them knowing it will become nuisance rubbish once again !
I now check the car parks once or twice a week and check the coastal path as i am walking along to the beach .
It is all about working together and doing our bit to help keep our beaches clean .
I for one am so proud of where i live ,we have the most beautiful spectacular coastline please lets all keep it this way and do our bit to help !!!
Always leave the beach with more than you came with is my motto 😊💚!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Raising money for children with Cancer 2013:)

Raised £2,844 for children with Cancer  :)   

Below story in the Carmarthen Journal 

Fundraiser heads for Thailand trek

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012
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She is a tireless fundraiser and was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour in 1996.
Jackie was out and about collecting in Carmarthen at the weekend.
.Jackie said: "Money raised  will provide three cash gifts, worth £500 each, to teenagers and young people with cancer.''






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